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Did Germany Really Declare War

In the article by Reuters Fact Check goes over the topic on whether Germany officially declares war on Russia. With the war between Russia and Ukraine causing the world to walk on eggshells on how to handle this conflict. Many believe this war can lead into a bigger conflict like a world war. So the claim that Germany declared war on Russia caused a lot of uproar. The article Here

The first step Reuters Fact Check does is go over the origin of the rumor and find where the rumor had possibly stemmed from. The article points out that the reason people are posting that Germany has declared war on Russia is because they claim that people misunderstand what the German foreign minister remarks and Germany is sending military aid. Giving the quote on Baerbock in Q&A saying “ we do it together and do what we do not do the blame game in Europe because we are fighting a war against  Russia and not against each other.”. Reuters Fact Check says in the answer she gave was about the unity of Europe about this war and coming together to help with aid. Baerbock didn’t mean actual war like sending troops to help defend Ukraine. This claim by Reuters is backed up in a news article Newsweeks.

Newsweeks add to Reuters claim by saying Baerbock main point was that unity remains the most crucial part in overcoming Russian Aggression. This article goes over on the meaning of Baerbock answer was that Europe and the UN needs to come together to give Ukraine support by giving some military supply and taking care of Ukrainian people that is in distress. To get better explanation the article is Here

Lastly Fact Checker goes over that Germany has always been weary of sending military supplies like tank to Ukraine because they believe that it might escalate tensions of the war. So when Germany announced that they will be sending tanks to Ukraine many believed that Germany is wants to go to war with Russia. Reuters Fact Check makes it known that just because Germany is sending tank doesn’t mean that Germany is declaring war.

In the article by BBC give specific details on the two Leopard tanks and thirty M1 Abram Tanks that Germany confirms on sending. It goes over how allied nations and Ukraine were frustrated with Germany about not sending tanks to help with the war. So with Germany in a sandwich on what to do. They decided to give the two tanks to help Ukraine but made it known that Germany does not want direct conflict with Russia.The article about this situation is Here

To sum things up Reuters Fact Check saying that Germany did not declare war on Russia is correct.

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