Net Neutrality

Net neutrality

What is it?

In class we are giving a short and simple definition of Net Neutrality. The definition given is that net neutrality is the requirement that internet providers do not give preferential treatment to certain data. Meaning that major companies should not have the power to control what the people will see and hear on the internet. Net neutrality represents that the internet should be equal and open for everyone to see whatever they want.

Without net neutrality being open Verizon, Comcast, Charter, and Timewarner can control the speeds on they’re platforms. Making it super slow for people who don’t buy a subscription or use a certain platform. Net neutrality makes the internet available to anyone and has equal access to any information that they want. It keeps it equal for everyone no matter what your income is.

net neutrality

The Impact

Net neutrality has a huge impact on media access on technology, ideas, and information because if controlled it could be bad for us all. It makes it an open road for all content to go through and not favor the ones that are for them. Allowing all media good or bad for Verizon or Comcast to go through for the people to see. If we allow them to control what’s going through their platforms it can make us very uneducated on certain things that we should know. 

They can use this power to help persuade or push the media towards whatever is on their agenda. The biggest example I can give is how North Korea controls what the people can see on the media. The North Korean people don’t know what is outside of their country because all the media shows is the greatness of the North Korean country. Which is one of the reasons with some violent reasons the people of North Korea blindly follow their leader.

For America it can be that we will only be informed on the information and media that puts the people in the green for anything the companies want to do because they are only being one sided. They can not show the public all of the bad information about them. For example it’s like the news when elections are up. The new stations will only show you the good of the party and politicians that they want to be elected for whatever position. While the other new channels give the public the bad side of the party and politicians to give you a full picture. Without net neutrality you would only get whatever side they choose for you to see and block you from seeing the other one side. 

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